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Fitness Tips that Every Man Must Read

Men may not pay as much attention and care to fitness as women as they are mostly busy either at work or chilling out with friends. Finally, when they plan on hitting the gym, they realize that they do not have any knowledge of where to start. From eating healthy to staying up with the routine, everything needs to be done with discipline if you want to achieve good results with your fitness. Some of the facts about fitness are stated below, which you should know about to start a healthier life.

Start easy

Men always make the mistake of pushing their boundaries on the first day itself. It is due to their healthy competitive spirit, which does not let them settle for easygoing exercises. Men also feel that in order to achieve a goal faster, they have to pace up their exercises too, but that is not the truth. Pushing yourself on the first day can create a lot of problems as your body needs time to adapt to your new routines. Your muscles can tense up real fast, leading to cramps on the second day. Before you start exercising, ask a trainer or an expert on how to start exercises and what pace will be right for you.

Try new things

Men also take time to adapt new things and feel that their knowledge is more than enough to get fit. Instead, you can be more open to new ideas and exercises to keep yourself fit. If your current routine is not helping you, you will need to find new ways of keeping fit. You also need different exercises for different body parts which help in strengthening your core. Trying new things is one of the obstacles which will slow down your fitness process.

Work on being flexible

You need to work on your flexibility as men have less flexible bodies than women. Flexibility may seem like the last thing for you, but it is as important as your other exercises. It will help you move your muscles more freely and improve your blood circulation, which in turn will reduce your stress. Yoga is one of the things you can try for flexibility.

Holistic approach

Women seem to be more serious about becoming fit as compared to men as they can more easily train their mind, body, and emotions to work out every day. Having a holistic approach will help in getting better results in your health. Try out meditation to train your mind to be able to take up exercising and reduce laziness.

Take breaks

Another thing that men often ignore is taking breaks between their exercises. They go from one exercise to others without breaks until they are completely tired and just want to rest after that. The right way is to take small breaks between every routine in order to have enough energy and stamina to do other exercises without ending up drained by the end of all routines.

Drink More Water!

I am all about fitness as you may know from previous blogs. As a trainer, I look after bodies with loving care for my job. I want to get them toned and looking their best anyway I can. Clients spend a lot of time and money to get positive results. Few can do it on their own.  Weight loss is a real plus and is the pleasant outcome of cardio sessions with me at the gym. It is also important to talk about nutrition and basic principles of eating well. It makes a huge difference what you eat and drink. It is my duty to clue everyone in.

Most people have heard about the importance of sufficient protein and eating something from all the basic food groups. This means at least some fat and simple carbs in contrast to what you might think. Any nutritionist worth his or her salt will tell you the same thing. Don’t go on binge diets and eliminate something valuable on a long-term basis. Your metabolism will run amok. Something that is often ignored in all this counseling is how much water to drink. While you see everyone out and about toting their bottles wherever they go, I often wonder if they are getting at least four or five of them per day. It pays to take an account and find out if you are lax. Getting the eight glasses prescribed by most health practitioners will make you feel better in general as you plump up your skin and avoid kidney stones. Everything in the body relies on lubrication to function optimally.

I drink as much as I can but recently, I decided to save a little money. I noticed that water was really adding up. No more cases of water delivered to the house. I can drink filtered water if I simply change my faucet. I am installing a new Pfister faucet that comes with the necessary attachment. Just fill your jug and store it in the fridge to get cold. The faucet is a real beauty, but best of all it does the job while looking pretty as a picture. Reusable water bottles are inexpensive and available in any drug store or supermarket. They go in the dishwasher to make them safe.

One of the best things I can say to clients is “drink more water” for obvious reasons as noted above. More than a side benefit, they will keep their weight down with lots of this perennial no-calorie drink. You can get it in flavors, or add them to your make-at-home stash. Avoiding sodas is easy when you see the immediate results. I am thrilled to kill two birds with one stone with my fabulous Pfister. Now that’s a nice rhyme. Installing it was a stroke of genius. My water tastes great right from the tap and there is an endless supply. No more lugging heavy cases up the stairs.

Stick with What Works

Lately I am overheating during my normal workout and have no clue of the cause. Maybe I have the flu or a virus. It isn’t my usual state of being. I consider myself to be rather fit and as a rule I don’t tend to work too hard to achieve the results I desire. So why now? At the gym, I inquired about the room temperature while at home it is easy to check it out. It is the same as always in both places. I don’t want to reduce my effort and negatively impact my work output. I will try to get more rest and a better night’s sleep. That could be the problem. Only time will tell.

We go through phases in life of feeling good and then not so great. The body at every age gets tired. It isn’t always a particular health problem that needs a remedy. It often goes away on its own. Meanwhile, I will take short-term measures to stay cool as a cucumber during the day’s workout regime. I have been looking at various brands of ceiling fans at I have seen them at the gym so why not install one at home. The gym uses the Troposair basic model with metal blades and no central light fixture. It is industrial looking and a bit intimidating hanging from the high ceiling like a giant robotic spider. I need one for residential use (a little smaller size blade and maybe with a stained wood finish) that has an easy mount.   I can probably install it myself.

I know that the circulation of air it will provide can help keep me from overheating while I am going through this odd phase. Plus, I will enjoy the gentle breeze on my sweat-laden body at any time. Looking at various websites including Facebook, I see that prices vary and some discounting applies. This will be an easy fix for my personal problem. Other than that, I just need a terry towel.

I was right. The ceiling fan is perfect. It is not unsightly and is, in fact, a décor item. I would recommend one for any room in your house where you need cooling off. It really saves on your utility bill and you can add a light fixture for an extra benefit. I got the additional remote so I can control the unit even if I am on the stationary bike. No need to dismount, go to the wall and change the setting. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? You can’t go wrong with the best quality machine on the market. They are foolproof and problem free. I wish I could say that about my vacuum cleaner that likes to take a break from operation right in the middle of a job. I like appliances that have no defects and need a modicum of repair. I would rather devote myself to a good workout than spend time dealing with malfunctions.

Time to Party!

Trainers are like everyone else; they like to party from time to time. It is a great break from the routine of the gym. People think we don’t eat anything but vegetables and salad, but this is not true. We are also rather social beings. Just ask our clients. Recently, I went to another personal trainer’s house for a cookout on his vast outdoor patio. It was a balmy night and the smell from the grill was divine. There was an assortment of ribs, chicken, fish, and steak. He had gone all out: there was much more than salad. We eat it all! He had set up the space with chairs and tables so we could eat together and watch the stars come out. If someone had the inclination, they could jump on the weight bench and start lifting. I didn’t see anyone wanting to tear themselves away from the food and conversation!

His outdoor kitchen was complete and he had made all the side dishes himself right there on the tile counter. This was stylish entertaining. There were attractive all-weather couches for those who like to relax and recline. What I didn’t expect was a kegerator right under the kitchen countertop next to a half-size refrigerator in a matching stainless steel finish. It was a nice size and boasted of three separate faucets. I knew I was dealing with an expert here. He had more than one choice of beer for his guests. We were truly dining in style.

Kegerators aren’t just for people who make their own beer, although that is one use of the appliance. You can buy any local brew you like and change it up as often as you like. It added a nice touch to the festivities as we all wanted to try each one. Spirits became cheerful and conversation more uninhibited. The cold beer was divine on a warm night, which is always when it’s most enjoyable to Crack a Cold One. The host even brought out frosty mugs from the freezer to make the beverage even better. What a grand idea. I felt like I was in some posh outdoor garden restaurant and immediately posted a photo on Facebook. I was never that fond of beer, but tasting his special brews has converted me. No, they do not all taste the same. You can listen to all the beer ads during football games, but you have to experiment to find that one taste you adore.

I don’t know if I would go as far as installing a kegerator as you are committing yourself to a lot of the popular beverage – there are almost 100 cans or bottles in a quarter keg size. Unless you entertain, you might want to stick with buying bottles from the market. I am not even sure where I would put it. I only have room in the basement and it would be a dreary place to go to get a draft. You can play bartender, however, and amuse yourself. Isn’t that what life is all about!

Post-Workout Routine

Some people are all about fitness and others avoid it like the plague. It is a subject of much debate in the media that generates a lot of idle talk. While it may seem like a glamorous enterprise, it is not just for the rich and famous. We ogle the gym and beach bodies for various reasons, but they are not meant to be emulated. In point of fact, they cause envy and consternation.

While we all give lip service to the benefits of honing and toning the body, so many people have been left out. No matter how many times you tell clients that exercise equals good health, many are too tired or lazy to undertake a regime. They give up so fast when they don’t see results. My job is to change these attitudes, one person at a time. As a trainer, I am in the business of training and also persuasion. I want to sell a life style permeated with exercise. I believe that going to the gym is not a luxury but a requirement. A sedentary life is one of ill health. You must boost your circulation, immune system, and overall energy level to live well. Combine eating right, sleeping enough, and an emphasis on fitness, and you are the fast track to longevity. If you want to be productive in any endeavor, each and every day you have to get up and move. Just walking will do if you don’t want to do anything else. To benefit from a workout, you must do it consistently and with vigor. If you need assistance and motivation, by all means hire a trainer. After your sessions, you can then jump in a hot shower and feel proud of your effort. You may also give yourself a treat now and then.

I reward myself with a few moments of post-workout rest and then a steaming hot, invigorating shower. It tops off any exercise experience and it is my personal treat. The water relaxes my muscles and prevents aches and pains. When I am the gym, I don’t worry about running out of hot water. They no doubt have a fast-regenerating hot water system given the number of people who rotate in the showers minute by minute. At home, I have installed a tankless water heater that I found here to make sure I am well supplied. While this may seem extravagant, I don’t want any one in my household to suffer being last to clean up.

These new appliances are virtual wonders. You not only get as much hot water as you need, but at a reasonable cost. They are more efficient than the old full-size tanks as seen in lower utility bills. It’s a big win-win for all and something that I was quick to share on Facebook. You invest in modernity but you get your money back in no time in savings. You can enjoy a steaming shower any time of the day or night. It is easy to install given the small amount of space a tankless unit requires. I turned my old water heater closet into storage. Did I just say win-win?

It Totally Counts as a Workout

Statistics show that more Americans are obese than ever before and despite the craze for exercise and joining a gym, many people would do well to add to their existing regime. Playing sports is not just a fun pastime and social experience, but it is an easy and quick way to lose weight and feel confident and secure. The health benefits of athletics are legion, so pick a sport and get out there for a change of pace. For example, you can play organized team soccer or just have a casual game. Whatever you do, it totally counts as a workout if done for a sufficient period of time, even scrolling on Facebook. I am a personal trainer, so I hope my opinion counts. As a fitness buff, I can’t ignore the calorie-burning outcome of a rousing soccer match or even practice session. I tout circuit training in the gym and all kinds of toning alternatives; but I know in my heart that nothing is like a fast-paced game of soccer. Okay, you can swim, play baseball, basketball, or football—you can even go bowling. As long as you are moving, my goals for you will be met.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of soccer. It builds agility and endurance for one. Who doesn’t want that? While it is recreational and competitive, it can be played for exercise to improve cardiovascular health and increase aerobic capacity at the same time. Just think of all the running that takes place. Soccer players are known for their fast recovery from a sprint. I am told that the average player runs five to seven miles during a game, based on what I’d read in Top Corner Magazine. Wow! They must have good hearts. No plaque buildup for these folks. If you are worried about aging, get in a game now.

Other health benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced body fat, and increased muscle tone and strength. Switching from aerobic to anaerobic energy pathways does a lot of good. There is so much variety between the kicking, jumping, tackling, not to mention twisting and turning. It is a powerful and explosive activity in which the whole body is utilized. It doesn’t end here. Better bone strength is a byproduct. As a trainer, I appreciate how soccer teaches coordination (especially hand eye) and fosters the ability to complete complex movements by turning, dribbling, and passing. Players must execute these feats at different rates of speed and in opposing directions. What a way to build confidence and self-esteem.

I believe in any game that promotes teamwork and sharing. Thus, beyond the physiological benefits, there are also psychological ones. Think of the camaraderie and social enrichment. I would add the benefit to cognitive brain function in terms of concentration, self-discipline, and strategy. Some say sports, like exercise, reduces anxiety. I know that I feel better when I have maximum physical strength. It impacts not only sports and workout performance, but also how you do in school, your career, and family life. Give me those fabulous feel-good endorphins!

Making a Chore Work for You

I am all about health and fitness in life. My goal is to convert more people to a regular practice of exercise. Going to the gym has caught on big in recent years, but you don’t have to spend a bundle to stay toned and honed. There are budget gyms and you can also buy equipment (such as weights and balls) and work out at home. In fact, when you clean house, often the bending and other repetitive motions are akin to what a professional trainer tells you to do. Deep cleaning the bathroom involves many muscles of the body. You are doing knee bends and are rubbing and scrubbing with vigor which affects the arms and upper body. You can make household chores fun and invigorating if you look at them from the right perspective. You may not resemble a super model without using gym equipment and starving yourself, but you will look and feel better for sure. A chore goes from being drudgery to accomplishing a life goal. It could be raking leaves, using a power washer on the sidewalk, washing the car, or polishing chrome. Add to this list cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn, doing some basic woodworking projects like the ones here, and vacuuming the drapes. It all works to get you moving and losing weight. The point here is that you are doing two things at one time.

As a trainer, I like to give a few tips now and then to make things safer and easier. For example, never bend over without flexing your knees. If you are reaching up high, be sure you are balanced so you don’t topple over. Watch any power equipment or sharp tools you use so you don’t get hurt from inattention. Use a dusk mask to protect your nose and mouth from fumes. These can arise from a gas-fueled tool or from toxic cleansers. If you are concerned, there are “green” products that do not contain things like bleach or ammonia. Try to vary your chores if you are tackling multiple problems in one day. It would be like circuit training. Don’t execute the same movements for too long lest you get achy and sore. After doing chores as an exercise routine, you will learn how to control the wear and tear on your body.

Apart from wearing a dust mask, there are other ways to protect your hands, feet, and face. You don’t want to spill or splash potent chemicals anywhere in your vicinity. I am thinking here of toilet bowl cleaners and the like. Drain unclogging solutions are often the culprit. There are many more tips in blogs to come. For now, start a new agenda in your life and get to work. You don’t need to clean house on days you go to the gym or jog for miles. Plan out a reasonable schedule for yourself as long as it is regular and you stick with it.

Try to Set Yourself Up for Success


One of the best ways to make yourself succeed when it comes to fitness is to get yourself into something of a success spiral. That’s the kind of thing that is going to be difficult for some people in the beginning, but you need to make sure that you’re able to reward yourself for the little victories that you achieve in the beginning.

Don’t think about all of the exercise that you’re going to need to do in order to achieve your health and fitness goals initially. Just think about what you need in order to exercise and achieve your goals now. If you get through a workout routine today, be happy about it. If you get through one on the second day, reward yourself even more. Just keep on doing that, and it’s going to be easier and easier for you to be able to finally achieve what you want when it comes to exercise, or really anything else.

Exercise is just going to keep on getting easier and easier for most people involved if they are able to set aside their doubts and fears. You also need to be able to set aside certain expectations. Exercising every day is an end by itself. Even if it doesn’t change your appearance, if you exercise every day, you’re still improving your health a lot. Try to look at those health improvements as an end, even if you don’t actually get any immediate feedback as a result.

The fact that because you exercise, you’re not going to have to go to the doctor anywhere near as often should be considered its own benefit. Try to think in terms of no news being good news. Try to reward yourself just for getting through your workout routines every day. If you can do that, you really are going to improve your health, even if your body reacts in a different way than you expected otherwise.

People don’t have complete control over how our bodies react to anything. However, we do have some control over what we do. We can decide to exercise every day. We can make ourselves healthier in that regard, even if our bodies are not going to mold themselves according to our expectations. Be happy with what you did today, be proud of yourself for what you did last week, and try to let all of the success spiral out in order to really enjoy the fruits of the long-term health benefits that you’ve managed to achieve as a result.

Get Moving and You Won’t Regret It


I still have to undo all of the damage from the 1980’s as a personal trainer. Do you remember the 1980’s? I was just a kid then, but I remember them just fine. This is when people started getting really obsessed with jogging, lifting heavy weights at the gym, and just generally trying to go for the most extreme types of exercise that anyone could ever do with themselves, and that’s ridiculous. You really don’t need to choose exercise that is so punishing and torturous that you can never motivate yourself to do it on a regular basis.

Ever since the 2000’s, we personal trainers have been telling people that they really just have to walk more, and they’ll get healthier. I don’t know why people don’t believe us. I have clients who are worried about a bad family history of heart problems. They refuse to believe me when I say that they’ll drastically reduce their risk of heart problems as long as they just walk for thirty minutes a day. It’s like they think that they need to engage in strenuous exercise in order to expel all of the heart demons from their bodies.

Other people get excited about how they really don’t need to jog around the block every day in order to get healthy. You really don’t, and I actually don’t recommend running for people unless they really like to run. Running is really bad for your joints. I think that a lot of people like to work out in the first place because they seem to be under the impression that being healthy is all about how fast you can run. It really isn’t.

Get yourself moving in ways that you actually enjoy. Going for the occasional run is not going to help you live a long time. Getting yourself moving every day is going to do that. It’s been said that sitting around all day long is what is really making a lot of people sick, and you don’t have to punctuate your epic periods of sitting around all day with bouts of sweating at the gym or long jogs. Just get yourself on your feet and moving around, and you’re going to be just fine.

Who Needs a Gym?


Lots of people still don’t exercise because they think that you need a gym for that. One of the reasons why people think this in the first place is because the marketing people behind the gyms themselves never let you forget it for a second. They like to spread the myth that if people aren’t in a gym, they’re never going to get in shape. You don’t even need fancy exercise equipment in order to get in shape, and the fancy exercise equipment definitely doesn’t magically need to be at a gym.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with using a gym if that’s what you really want. I’m not insulting gym users. However, I really do understand why a lot of people don’t want to use gyms. For one thing, getting to the gym all the time can be really annoying. You might not have a gym that is conveniently located in your area. If you don’t have your own car or a reliable car, it’s going to be even more irritating to get to a gym.

Then there are the fees. One of the great things about getting your own treadmill or elliptical trainer or whatever you like is that if you use it often enough, it more or less pays for itself. It’s like an investment. That never happens with the gym. You keep on paying the fees and paying the fees and at the end of the year, you’ve spent a lot of money on the gym. Most people only use a few machines anyway, and they’re really better off just buying those machines. Within a year of saving money on the gym fees, they will have already accumulated enough money to buy exercise equipment themselves.

Gyms are not kind to poor people. One of the many reasons why poor people often don’t get the exercise that could help them reduce their medical bills in the long run is that exercising in their area is difficult and they would have to pay for the ridiculously high gym fees if they wanted to get any exercise at all.

Lots of obese people have a hard time at the gym too even if they are both obese and fit, which is a very real combination that the gym crowd tries to deny. Sometimes, the other people at the gym are actively mean to obese people. They might make the larger gym-goers feel self-conscious.

However, in some cases, conventionally muscular or thinner people at the gym might be really condescending to the larger people at the gym. Big folks at the gym get people telling them ‘good job,’ with the assumption being that they don’t go to the gym all that often or that they need thinner people to tell them all about how great diet and exercise really is. People of all sizes can benefit from exercise. Many of the health risks correlated with being obese disappear if the obese people in question still eat well and exercise, especially if they are confident about their size. If you’re obese and you think that you need to brave the gym and some of the obnoxious people at the gym in order to get healthy, rest-assured that you don’t.

If you have any space at all in your apartment to walk or to do strength-training exercises, you don’t even have to leave your apartment in order to exercise. Setting up an exercise mat on the ground and doing some basic strength training exercises can be more than enough. Using milk bottles instead of free weights is going to tone your arm muscles just as easily. If you can find anything in your house that requires you to use your muscles in order to lift, it’s something that’s going to work well when it comes to toning your muscles.

Do you have enough space in your apartment to move back and forth at an even reasonably brisk pace? You can take a walk inside your house that is going to burn calories and keep you fit even if you never want to leave your house. You can do that while listening to music and you don’t have to worry about finding a safe place to exercise outdoors. You definitely don’t have to pay anything, and you don’t have to worry about judgmental people at the gym. One way or another, you’re going to be fine if you exercise indoors.

Health is a Long-Term Investment

Pilates class outdoors

Nothing can sink a family like medical debt. One injury or one illness, and your finances have been changed forever. It’s getting harder and harder to file for bankruptcy in order to get rid of medical debt. While people in lots of other countries don’t have to worry about this as much, people in other countries, especially the United States, still have to worry about it. Even if you have health insurance, getting really sick can still damage your finances like almost nothing else. It’s the kind of thing that most people would want to prevent. One of the best ways to ward off problems like that is getting regular exercise.

Health is not entirely within anyone’s control. Anyone who tells you that is trying to sell you something. However, if you do exercise for around thirty minutes a day, the odds of being able to actually hold back your health risks go up like you wouldn’t believe. You also don’t have to do a lot of strenuous exercise in order to make it happen either. Just going around the neighborhood and walking for around thirty minutes a day can make it happen. Pacing around your apartment for thirty minutes a day can make it happen. You don’t have to punish your body so it’s going to be good later. Just getting your body moving can be enough.

Given the tremendous costs associated with healthcare, even if you do have health insurance, you really can look at a daily walk as a long-term investment. You also don’t have to wait until you’re old to benefit. If you exercise a lot, you’re going to feel the difference each and every day that you do exercise, really giving you the chance to feel better and look better in every way.

This seems like just another thing that you can only have if you’re rich, but that is also not the case. You don’t need to go to the gym all the time in order to stay healthy. You don’t need to constantly buy really fancy workout equipment either. The people who want you to buy all that stuff make money off of it, and that’s their whole motivation for trying to get you to use all of that. You can’t sell people ‘walking,’ but walking for thirty minutes a day can be more than enough for the people who are just trying to see their bodies as important health investments, which they are.

Personal Secrets to Motivation


Staying motivated to exercise every day is tough, but it is something that I do every day. I should say that you don’t actually have to exercise exactly every day in order to stay healthy. Doing it five days a week for at least thirty minutes is already hugely correlated with improved health and vitality for everyone, and I definitely encourage people to do that. I try to go further, but it isn’t necessary. You do need more motivation in order to get that done, so I have to summon more motivation just to get through the day.

One of the things that I try to tell myself before working out is that it really only takes thirty to sixty minutes a day for improved health. The idea that we do have some control over how healthy we are is inspirational, to begin with, even if we don’t have complete control. I like to think that if I can just do this today, I’m going to be so much healthier down the line and in the present day. There’s something really satisfying about that.

You also don’t have to wait until you’re old to actually benefit from being physically fit, of course. You’ll see the results right away. I’m still pretty young, and I already know people my age who say that they’re noticing declines in their personal energy levels and that they can’t stay up late like they used to, and they always say it’s because of their age. I’m as energetic as I was in my twenties, and I haven’t noticed any change at all in anything else. Exercise may not give you eternal youth, but it does help you hold onto your youth for longer.

I also motivate myself by choosing exercise routines that I can do. I’m a personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean that I would be any better at power lifting than anyone else off the street. There are plenty of exercise routines that I’m really bad at, so I don’t put myself through them in the first place. I just keep to the stuff that I know that I can do, and that helps me stay motivated.

If I really was trying to do harder and harder routines every single day, I think I’d have a hard time even getting myself to workout at all. I’d feel like I was punishing myself, and there’s really no need to do that in the name of fitness. Obviously, doing the same workout routine every single day is going to get boring for a lot of people as well. However, doing the hardest exercise routines that you can really will not work in the long-term. You’re better off finding something that you can do every day or most days. Motivating yourself to workout on a regular basis is what you need to do in order to make it work.