Trainers are like everyone else; they like to party from time to time. It is a great break from the routine of the gym. People think we don’t eat anything but vegetables and salad, but this is not true. We are also rather social beings. Just ask our clients. Recently, I went to another personal trainer’s house for a cookout on his vast outdoor patio. It was a balmy night and the smell from the grill was divine. There was an assortment of ribs, chicken, fish, and steak. He had gone all out: there was much more than salad. We eat it all! He had set up the space with chairs and tables so we could eat together and watch the stars come out. If someone had the inclination, they could jump on the weight bench and start lifting. I didn’t see anyone wanting to tear themselves away from the food and conversation!

His outdoor kitchen was complete and he had made all the side dishes himself right there on the tile counter. This was stylish entertaining. There were attractive all-weather couches for those who like to relax and recline. What I didn’t expect was a kegerator right under the kitchen countertop next to a half-size refrigerator in a matching stainless steel finish. It was a nice size and boasted of three separate faucets. I knew I was dealing with an expert here. He had more than one choice of beer for his guests. We were truly dining in style.

Kegerators aren’t just for people who make their own beer, although that is one use of the appliance. You can buy any local brew you like and change it up as often as you like. It added a nice touch to the festivities as we all wanted to try each one. Spirits became cheerful and conversation more uninhibited. The cold beer was divine on a warm night, which is always when it’s most enjoyable to Crack a Cold One. The host even brought out frosty mugs from the freezer to make the beverage even better. What a grand idea. I felt like I was in some posh outdoor garden restaurant and immediately posted a photo on Facebook. I was never that fond of beer, but tasting his special brews has converted me. No, they do not all taste the same. You can listen to all the beer ads during football games, but you have to experiment to find that one taste you adore.

I don’t know if I would go as far as installing a kegerator as you are committing yourself to a lot of the popular beverage – there are almost 100 cans or bottles in a quarter keg size. Unless you entertain, you might want to stick with buying bottles from the market. I am not even sure where I would put it. I only have room in the basement and it would be a dreary place to go to get a draft. You can play bartender, however, and amuse yourself. Isn’t that what life is all about!