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Fitness Tips that Every Man Must Read

Men may not pay as much attention and care to fitness as women as they are mostly busy either at work or chilling out with friends. Finally, when they plan on hitting the gym, they realize that they do not have any knowledge of where to start. From eating healthy to staying up with the […]

Drink More Water!

I am all about fitness as you may know from previous blogs. As a trainer, I look after bodies with loving care for my job. I want to get them toned and looking their best anyway I can. Clients spend a lot of time and money to get positive results. Few can do it on […]

Stick with What Works

Lately I am overheating during my normal workout and have no clue of the cause. Maybe I have the flu or a virus. It isn’t my usual state of being. I consider myself to be rather fit and as a rule I don’t tend to work too hard to achieve the results I desire. So […]

Time to Party!

Trainers are like everyone else; they like to party from time to time. It is a great break from the routine of the gym. People think we don’t eat anything but vegetables and salad, but this is not true. We are also rather social beings. Just ask our clients. Recently, I went to another personal […]

Post-Workout Routine

Some people are all about fitness and others avoid it like the plague. It is a subject of much debate in the media that generates a lot of idle talk. While it may seem like a glamorous enterprise, it is not just for the rich and famous. We ogle the gym and beach bodies for […]

It Totally Counts as a Workout

Statistics show that more Americans are obese than ever before and despite the craze for exercise and joining a gym, many people would do well to add to their existing regime. Playing sports is not just a fun pastime and social experience, but it is an easy and quick way to lose weight and feel […]

Making a Chore Work for You

I am all about health and fitness in life. My goal is to convert more people to a regular practice of exercise. Going to the gym has caught on big in recent years, but you don’t have to spend a bundle to stay toned and honed. There are budget gyms and you can also buy […]

Try to Set Yourself Up for Success

One of the best ways to make yourself succeed when it comes to fitness is to get yourself into something of a success spiral. That’s the kind of thing that is going to be difficult for some people in the beginning, but you need to make sure that you’re able to reward yourself for the […]

Get Moving and You Won’t Regret It

I still have to undo all of the damage from the 1980’s as a personal trainer. Do you remember the 1980’s? I was just a kid then, but I remember them just fine. This is when people started getting really obsessed with jogging, lifting heavy weights at the gym, and just generally trying to go […]

Who Needs a Gym?

Lots of people still don’t exercise because they think that you need a gym for that. One of the reasons why people think this in the first place is because the marketing people behind the gyms themselves never let you forget it for a second. They like to spread the myth that if people aren’t […]

Health is a Long-Term Investment

Nothing can sink a family like medical debt. One injury or one illness, and your finances have been changed forever. It’s getting harder and harder to file for bankruptcy in order to get rid of medical debt. While people in lots of other countries don’t have to worry about this as much, people in other […]

Personal Secrets to Motivation

Staying motivated to exercise every day is tough, but it is something that I do every day. I should say that you don’t actually have to exercise exactly every day in order to stay healthy. Doing it five days a week for at least thirty minutes is already hugely correlated with improved health and vitality […]