4 Reasons to Try Cold Shower Therapy
by Adam Griffin
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Okay, I have no idea why it’s called “Cold Shower Therapy”. It makes it sound like some form of torture mechanism, but that’s what everyone else on the internetz calls it, so I’m sticking with it. Cold Shower Therapy is exactly what you think it is.

  • Taking a cold shower every single morning to start your day.

I’m guessing your initial thought is “not a chance I’m doing that“, but hear me out! I’ve been taking daily cold showers for coming up on 2 months, and it’s been one of the most positive changes I’ve made in my life. Here’s 4 reasons why I switched to cold showers, and why I won’t be switching back anytime soon.

  1. They keep me from getting dry skin. I live in Colorado where it’s so dry it’s virtually impossible to keep your skin from becoming dry and cracked. Putting crazy expensive lotion on after a hot shower helped some, but I always thought it was a band-aid, not a solution. Literally within days of starting to take cold showers my dry skin was gone. As in completely gone. No lotion needed. This isn’t a product of the cold water “healing” as much as it is a product of the hot water damaging. Hot water, though it feels amazing, dries your skin out a lot. Cold showers fix that.
  2. They make me feel like a new person. Yes, they sometimes suck when you’re in the moment taking a cold shower. Especially if you’re already in a bad mood. BUT, without fail, I feel incredible after taking one. I feel rejuvenated, energized & refreshed. Added benefit – you know how when you get out of a hot shower you are instantly freezing? It’s the opposite with cold showers. When you get out and dry off you actually warm up which feels amazing.
  3. There are numerous health benefits. Just Google “health benefits of cold showers” and you’ll find a number of studies to support the claims. Cold showers can do everything from boost your immune system, to increase your fat loss, to improve your circulation. They certainly aren’t going to do anything to damage your health, so why not give them a try to see if they help?
  4. They make the rest of your day easier. Struggling to send that first email of the day, make that phone call, or write that post? Taking cold showers is not easy. You have to mentally prepare yourself every time you take one. Standing there ready to step into the cold water, you have to take the mental leap to do it. This makes decision-making and getting stuff done throughout your day significantly easier. You’ve already put your brain into decision-making mode, and forced yourself to do something uncomfortable. The rest of your day will be cake compared to this most of the time.

With hot summer days right around the corner, you’re just going to feel better and better by starting them now. So why wait? Today is as good of a day as any to start!

Cheers to your health,

Coach Adam

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Adam is the Founder & CEO of Bodeefit, and the Head Coach of the Denver Barbell Company in Denver, CO. Adam’s certifications and education include CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Football, Outlaw Para Bellum Series, and StrongFirst Body Weight. He has been featured on Men’s Fitness, Self.com, Fox News, Under 30 CEO, Microsoft Spotlight, and Killer Startups to name a few. Want to train with Adam? Be sure to check out Bodeefit Personal Training at pt.bodeefit.com.

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