Lately I am overheating during my normal workout and have no clue of the cause. Maybe I have the flu or a virus. It isn’t my usual state of being. I consider myself to be rather fit and as a rule I don’t tend to work too hard to achieve the results I desire. So why now? At the gym, I inquired about the room temperature while at home it is easy to check it out. It is the same as always in both places. I don’t want to reduce my effort and negatively impact my work output. I will try to get more rest and a better night’s sleep. That could be the problem. Only time will tell.

We go through phases in life of feeling good and then not so great. The body at every age gets tired. It isn’t always a particular health problem that needs a remedy. It often goes away on its own. Meanwhile, I will take short-term measures to stay cool as a cucumber during the day’s workout regime. I have been looking at various brands of ceiling fans at I have seen them at the gym so why not install one at home. The gym uses the Troposair basic model with metal blades and no central light fixture. It is industrial looking and a bit intimidating hanging from the high ceiling like a giant robotic spider. I need one for residential use (a little smaller size blade and maybe with a stained wood finish) that has an easy mount.   I can probably install it myself.

I know that the circulation of air it will provide can help keep me from overheating while I am going through this odd phase. Plus, I will enjoy the gentle breeze on my sweat-laden body at any time. Looking at various websites including Facebook, I see that prices vary and some discounting applies. This will be an easy fix for my personal problem. Other than that, I just need a terry towel.

I was right. The ceiling fan is perfect. It is not unsightly and is, in fact, a décor item. I would recommend one for any room in your house where you need cooling off. It really saves on your utility bill and you can add a light fixture for an extra benefit. I got the additional remote so I can control the unit even if I am on the stationary bike. No need to dismount, go to the wall and change the setting. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? You can’t go wrong with the best quality machine on the market. They are foolproof and problem free. I wish I could say that about my vacuum cleaner that likes to take a break from operation right in the middle of a job. I like appliances that have no defects and need a modicum of repair. I would rather devote myself to a good workout than spend time dealing with malfunctions.