Some people are all about fitness and others avoid it like the plague. It is a subject of much debate in the media that generates a lot of idle talk. While it may seem like a glamorous enterprise, it is not just for the rich and famous. We ogle the gym and beach bodies for various reasons, but they are not meant to be emulated. In point of fact, they cause envy and consternation.

While we all give lip service to the benefits of honing and toning the body, so many people have been left out. No matter how many times you tell clients that exercise equals good health, many are too tired or lazy to undertake a regime. They give up so fast when they don’t see results. My job is to change these attitudes, one person at a time. As a trainer, I am in the business of training and also persuasion. I want to sell a life style permeated with exercise. I believe that going to the gym is not a luxury but a requirement. A sedentary life is one of ill health. You must boost your circulation, immune system, and overall energy level to live well. Combine eating right, sleeping enough, and an emphasis on fitness, and you are the fast track to longevity. If you want to be productive in any endeavor, each and every day you have to get up and move. Just walking will do if you don’t want to do anything else. To benefit from a workout, you must do it consistently and with vigor. If you need assistance and motivation, by all means hire a trainer. After your sessions, you can then jump in a hot shower and feel proud of your effort. You may also give yourself a treat now and then.

I reward myself with a few moments of post-workout rest and then a steaming hot, invigorating shower. It tops off any exercise experience and it is my personal treat. The water relaxes my muscles and prevents aches and pains. When I am the gym, I don’t worry about running out of hot water. They no doubt have a fast-regenerating hot water system given the number of people who rotate in the showers minute by minute. At home, I have installed a tankless water heater that I found here to make sure I am well supplied. While this may seem extravagant, I don’t want any one in my household to suffer being last to clean up.

These new appliances are virtual wonders. You not only get as much hot water as you need, but at a reasonable cost. They are more efficient than the old full-size tanks as seen in lower utility bills. It’s a big win-win for all and something that I was quick to share on Facebook. You invest in modernity but you get your money back in no time in savings. You can enjoy a steaming shower any time of the day or night. It is easy to install given the small amount of space a tankless unit requires. I turned my old water heater closet into storage. Did I just say win-win?