Burpee Box Jump
by edorsey
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Athlete first completes a burpee by dropping down chest to the floor, then jumping back to feet readying for a jump onto a box or object.  Athlete then jumps on top of box and stands straight up fully extending hips.  Athlete can either jump off the box or step down. Typical box heights in inches are 15″, 20″, 24″, and 30″.

How to Do a Burpee Box Jump

Stance: Heels under hips. Standing up.

  1. Drop chest to floor with feet jumping back.
  2. Jump feet back to standing while pushing your torso off the floor
  3. Fully extend your hips to standing position
  4. Jump onto box, bench, or object and come to standing position on top of box with fully extended hips
  5. Jump or step down to the floor

Burpee Box Jumps are Great For

Combining burpees and box jumps is a great way to work on cardio while improving your explosiveness. The burpee is considered one of the quickest and simplest ways to assess fitness, so combining it with any exercise is a great way thing for added difficulty. Box jumps are low impact because when you land from the jump the impact forces you will absorb are much lower than a regular jump.

Modification Options

Replace the Box Jump with a Step Up instead. Move through the movement as slowly and controlled as you need to complete it safely.

Demo Video

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