I am all about fitness as you may know from previous blogs. As a trainer, I look after bodies with loving care for my job. I want to get them toned and looking their best anyway I can. Clients spend a lot of time and money to get positive results. Few can do it on their own.  Weight loss is a real plus and is the pleasant outcome of cardio sessions with me at the gym. It is also important to talk about nutrition and basic principles of eating well. It makes a huge difference what you eat and drink. It is my duty to clue everyone in.

Most people have heard about the importance of sufficient protein and eating something from all the basic food groups. This means at least some fat and simple carbs in contrast to what you might think. Any nutritionist worth his or her salt will tell you the same thing. Don’t go on binge diets and eliminate something valuable on a long-term basis. Your metabolism will run amok. Something that is often ignored in all this counseling is how much water to drink. While you see everyone out and about toting their bottles wherever they go, I often wonder if they are getting at least four or five of them per day. It pays to take an account and find out if you are lax. Getting the eight glasses prescribed by most health practitioners will make you feel better in general as you plump up your skin and avoid kidney stones. Everything in the body relies on lubrication to function optimally.

I drink as much as I can but recently, I decided to save a little money. I noticed that water was really adding up. No more cases of water delivered to the house. I can drink filtered water if I simply change my faucet. I am installing a new Pfister faucet that comes with the necessary attachment. Just fill your jug and store it in the fridge to get cold. The faucet is a real beauty, but best of all it does the job while looking pretty as a picture. Reusable water bottles are inexpensive and available in any drug store or supermarket. They go in the dishwasher to make them safe.

One of the best things I can say to clients is “drink more water” for obvious reasons as noted above. More than a side benefit, they will keep their weight down with lots of this perennial no-calorie drink. You can get it in flavors, or add them to your make-at-home stash. Avoiding sodas is easy when you see the immediate results. I am thrilled to kill two birds with one stone with my fabulous Pfister. Now that’s a nice rhyme. Installing it was a stroke of genius. My water tastes great right from the tap and there is an endless supply. No more lugging heavy cases up the stairs.