Staying motivated to exercise every day is tough, but it is something that I do every day. I should say that you don’t actually have to exercise exactly every day in order to stay healthy. Doing it five days a week for at least thirty minutes is already hugely correlated with improved health and vitality for everyone, and I definitely encourage people to do that. I try to go further, but it isn’t necessary. You do need more motivation in order to get that done, so I have to summon more motivation just to get through the day.

One of the things that I try to tell myself before working out is that it really only takes thirty to sixty minutes a day for improved health. The idea that we do have some control over how healthy we are is inspirational, to begin with, even if we don’t have complete control. I like to think that if I can just do this today, I’m going to be so much healthier down the line and in the present day. There’s something really satisfying about that.

You also don’t have to wait until you’re old to actually benefit from being physically fit, of course. You’ll see the results right away. I’m still pretty young, and I already know people my age who say that they’re noticing declines in their personal energy levels and that they can’t stay up late like they used to, and they always say it’s because of their age. I’m as energetic as I was in my twenties, and I haven’t noticed any change at all in anything else. Exercise may not give you eternal youth, but it does help you hold onto your youth for longer.

I also motivate myself by choosing exercise routines that I can do. I’m a personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean that I would be any better at power lifting than anyone else off the street. There are plenty of exercise routines that I’m really bad at, so I don’t put myself through them in the first place. I just keep to the stuff that I know that I can do, and that helps me stay motivated.

If I really was trying to do harder and harder routines every single day, I think I’d have a hard time even getting myself to workout at all. I’d feel like I was punishing myself, and there’s really no need to do that in the name of fitness. Obviously, doing the same workout routine every single day is going to get boring for a lot of people as well. However, doing the hardest exercise routines that you can really will not work in the long-term. You’re better off finding something that you can do every day or most days. Motivating yourself to workout on a regular basis is what you need to do in order to make it work.